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"—Because I want to protect Kurosaki-kun."
"And next time, I will definitely protect you!"

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はんころぐ | 框(キョウ) [pixiv]

わさびとハチミツ入りたい焼き風らーめ(自重 | のんこ [pixiv]

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by Miwa yoshiyuki ( the manga artist, publishing serially 「神と一緒に」)

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一織健全(?)ラフ詰め合わせ | 框(キョウ) [pixiv] 

一織健全(?)ラフ詰め合わせ | 框(キョウ) [pixiv] 

一織健全(?)ラフ詰め合わせ | 框(キョウ) [pixiv] 

一織健全(?)ラフ詰め合わせ | 框(キョウ) [pixiv] 

Anonymous asked ;  
Will you guys, by any chance, perhaps try to update the Ichihime manga moments list? Because the one you have posted already is from two years ago and a lot has happened since then :)

I can’t promise anything getting done this weekend, but I’ll certainly give it a shot sometime in the middle of next week! We didn’t originally make the masterpost, but we’d be happy to update/amend it with more links.




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